Everything You Need To Know About Tudor Style Watch; Is It Worth It?

Everything You Need To Know About Tudor Style Watch; Is It Worth It? Posted On
Posted By Gauri Nigudkar

Nowadays, Tudor seems to be the most discussed brand around the world. The Tudor-style watches are not just attractive, but they’re also of superior quality and are priced competitively. In addition, the name is highly respected in the collecting community. If you put on a Tudor, you instantly become a watch person, even if you were not one before.

Something about the aesthetics and practicality of these timepieces is irresistible. Even if you’ve never gone scuba diving before and you can barely swim, the thought of a Heritage Black Bay on your wrist will make you want to stuff a pocket knife in your throat and go snorkeling for lost riches.

The idea that you could pull it off if you wanted makes the whole thing seem more real. It’s safe to say that Black Bay is the best diving watch available. It can withstand depths of up to 200 meters (600 feet), can be rotated in both directions to keep track of your dive time, and has a black dial with white markings that glow in the dark.


Likewise, the steel bracelet takes design cues from the stepped structure and folding riveted bands of the Tudor-style watch first from the 1950s and 1960s. Such aesthetically pleasing additions were made using cutting-edge methods that also guaranteed the highest possible quality.

tudor style watch


There is an extra fabric strap included with the Heritage watches, woven using the age-old Jacquard method by a French family firm with a century of experience in the field. It’s a little detail, maybe, but it makes a massive difference on the wrists and demonstrates Tudor’s dedication to quality once again.


What’s more notable in this pricing range, however, is the utilization of in-house motions. Without getting too technical, several different watch manufacturers buy their movements and/or movement components from third-party vendors.

Similar to the car business, this is a perfectly acceptable method, and Tudor has used it with other models. The reasoning is straightforward: many firms can’t afford to invest the necessary resources in manufacturing processes and yet remain competitive in the market.


However, both Tudor and Rolex, the older sibling, are examples of vertically integrated manufacturing. That implies they have the know-how and resources to make anything they want, whenever they want, to their exacting standards. In addition, they have the ability to innovate inside the company, beyond the bounds of what is already achievable.

All of this is from a brand whose products are often regarded as affordable. When you need to look nice while establishing your credentials as a “watch person,” Tudor is the way to go. You may¬† the tudor style watch.

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