What You Should Know About the IUI Treatment in Singapore

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In recent times, people’s unorganized and stressful lifestyle has led to the growth of infertility problems. There are many more reasons that are responsible for infertility issues. Many couples experience such problems. Sometimes, the infertility problem is with the males, and sometimes it is with the females. In this situation, most couples get intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment done. Many clinics in Singapore can make your fertility journey smooth. All you need to do is reach out to these clinics to book a consultation with professionals. They will let you know everything about the treatment including theĀ iui cost singapore.

Learn more about the IUI treatment in Singapore:

Sometimes, couples get diagnosed with unexplained infertility but the development of technology and advancement in the medical field gave rise to a fertility treatment called intrauterine insemination (IUI). This treatment serves as a blessing for couples who are trying to conceive. In this treatment, the prepared sperm sample of your partner is inserted into the donor with the help of the cervix into the uterus. Usually, doctors perform this procedure at the time of ovulation. It is because there are higher chances of achieving fertility during the ovulation stage. In this way, the chances of pregnancy get improved.

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How does the IUI treatment works?

1. Firstly, the menstrual cycle of the women is monitored to determine the day of ovulation.

2. After that, when the egg matures, it breaks from the ovary and reaches the fallopian tube. This indicates the start of ovulation. If ovulation does not occur naturally, artificial hormone stimulation is induced in the woman.

3. Lastly, a thin catheter is used to insert the healthy sperm directly into the uterus of the woman. In this way, the fertilization process occurs naturally.

Can every woman get IUI treatment done?

Not every woman is a candidate for the IUI treatment, and there are certain criteria that a woman needs to have to get the IUI treatment done. These criteria are:

1. The menstrual cycle of the female candidate should be stable, and she should not suffer from any ovulation issues. Otherwise, fertility injections and oral medications are given to the candidate to start ovulation.

2. The candidate should not have any scar tissue because these scars can obstruct the fallopian tube which acts as a hindrance for egg transport and does not give the way to fertilization.

3. The candidate should have a healthy uterus so that it can attach the fertilized egg to its lining. This process is essential to sustain the pregnancy.

If a female does not qualify for all these criteria, she cannot be considered a perfect candidate for the IUI treatment. In this case, only surgery and surrogacy are left as alternative procedures to have a baby.

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